The Human Hour Podcast
The Human Hour Podcast
A podcast for humans craving genuine connection and real conversation.

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Our Story

There’s a lot of magic when you share a "me too." It’s like a ripple of energy sent directly from one heart to another that signals a reminder that you’re not alone.

Our story all starts at a bar in San Francisco where one gal reaches out her beer glass and says, “Cheers, me too!” 

Learn more about how that simple “me too” changed the course of two lives, two businesses, and sparked one awesome adventure.


The podcast

Season 1

Our {why} behind The Human Hour is to encourage true connection with yourself, your passions, and the world around you. We’re big fans of embracing both the beauty that comes with being a human and also the complexity that arises in our lives.
We believe our imperfections are what make you YOU and how you show up despite them makes you inspiring AF.


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When others embrace their humanness, it inadvertently gives us permission to do the same. And you know what, we need a hell of a lot more of that.
— Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz, Co-Hosts