Season 2 Episode 8: Honoring the Growing Pains Minisode

S2 E8: Honoring the Growing Pains Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

Today brings our last Minisode of Season Two where we’re bringing it home and focusing on the growing pains that come about when we make space for personal growth and recognize the natural evolution within ourselves.

Christine + Katie both share one lesson they’ve recently learned and odds are, you can relate. Whether you’ve been growing through a change in relationships and the people you surround yourself with or you’ve noticed a difference in yourself, today’s Minisode is worthy of a listen.

S2 E8: Honoring the Growing Pains Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

“The people who have entered my life

and the people I’m asking to support me

more in my life, the shifts, the realizations, the opportunities, the failures. They have

all been practice rounds in helping me to

shed the layers and heal the wounds so

that I can be more of myself.”

Growth is hard and we’ll be the first ones to admit that, and we’ll also be the first people to tell you that you don’t have to go it alone. Too often we forget to give ourselves a minute to look back on our journeys and to take stock of how much we’ve grown and then we forget to acknowledge ourselves and give ourselves credit for the courage we’ve exercised that has led us to experience said growth.


“We are our own responsibilities and we owe it to ourselves to love ourselves and to be grateful for the work we’ve put in, for our beating hearts and our breathing lungs, and for the capacity to be able to change and evolve as humans.”


If nothing else, listen to today’s Minisode and celebrate yourself if only for one minute. Pat yourself on your back, give yourself a compliment, or cut yourself some slack at the very least because you are human after all and what a wonderful thing that is. Follow our journey over on Instagram @thehumanhourpodcast and share your #myhumanmoment with us after tuning into today’s Minisode.


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