Season 2 Episode 7: You Are Enough

S2 E7: You Are Enough with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

What does it mean to have your shit together? You would think there would be a definitive answer for a phrase that is used and thrown around so often.

Chances are high that you’ve felt like you haven’t had your shit together at one point or another so we start this episode off with defining what that does and doesn’t mean. For us, it’s knowing that we don’t have all the answers, that we do have cracks and flaws so we aren’t perfect because we’re human.

Christine + Katie both share stories about recent examples when they felt like they didn’t have their respective shit together. Whether it’s with business or life in general, you can rest assured that you aren’t alone.

S2 E7:  with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

“What makes me feel enough has nothing to do with the state of my affairs or how clean and tidy they are.”

We speak to comparison and social media and how this feeling of not feeling enough can manifest throughout your life if you let it. For the record: there is a difference between treating life in a negligent and ignorant manner and truly taking responsibility for your life.

Here at the Human Hour we choose to experience life fully awake which means we are also experiencing the full spectrum of emotions and events.

Friends, if you feel like you have too many tabs open, this is the episode for you. We cover a lot in this Human Hour episode so it is not to be missed! Comparison, awareness, perfection, and gratitude are a few of the topics we cover this week so be sure to listen in and then let us know about a time when you didn’t have your shit together. Don’t forget to tag your #myhumanmoment and share your thoughts about today’s episode with us @thehumanhourpodcast over on Instagram.


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