Season 2 Episode 6: Growing Pains in Relationships Minisode

S2 E6: Growing Pains in Relationships Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

While we created the Human Hour to shine a light on the conversations we had been having about our businesses and work, relationships play equally as big roles in our lives as individuals, if not bigger.

In this week’s Minisode we’re talking about relationships, and specifically the challenges and growing pains that can come as a result of romantic relationships.

Katie brings us back to last spring and shares how things have changed in her life since while Christine takes us back to the fall when things were literally falling apart around her.

S2 E6: Growing Pains in Relationships Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

“For me, the growing pain has been shedding this long, deeply rooted belief that I am not enough or worthy of having the relationship of my wildest dreams.”

Relationships, like businesses and the rest of life for that matter, aren’t always easy and neat. We wish so badly to be able to have it all figured out and packaged nicely but we choose authenticity and real over perfection and doing anything for the ‘gram here at the Human Hour.

This week’s episode is bound to have you nodding your head in agreement because we’ve all been there whether there is not feeling enough or worthy or placing our happiness and expectations on someone else to fulfill. Listen in to this week’s Minisode and reach out to us @thehumanhourpodcast on Instagram if you can relate.


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