Season 2 Episode 4: Growing Pains in Work Minisode

S2 E4: Growing Pains in Work Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

We’ve got another Minisode for you today. This time, we’re talking about the growing pains that come with work whether that means a full time job, a business of your own, or some combination of the two.

Katie shares where she’s been experiencing transition within her life over the past year with both her full time job and her business, Soul Connect. Raise your hand if you can relate to feeling like if only you are able to work harder, then the thing will happen.

Christine has been navigating a shift within the realm of work since she’s recently accepted a full time position for a booming brewery which has provided her with a slice of dream job status while also challenging her to trust in the unknown.

S2 E4: Growing Pains in Work Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

“I think that’s the beautiful thing about growth. We always talk about the pains of it but the pain means we’re creating more space for something else to blossom and flourish.”

Transition is a part of life and it’s something we haven’t shied away from here on The Human Hour. It can be scary to make a decision with no guarantee whatsoever and only the unknown to keep you company, but one thing we can promise you is that you are not alone in finding your way with work and the work you most want to be doing.

We chat about comparing ourselves to others, feeling like we have to do all the things, facing failure and redefining it for ourselves, and how a step back might be just the thing you need even though it can feel like the hardest choice to make. Listen in to this Minisode and let us know where you’re facing growing pains and be sure to find us @thehumanhourpodcast on Instagram.


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