Season 2 Episode 3: The Necessity of Transition

S2 E3: The Necessity of Transition with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

Here’s the deal, humans. We recorded this episode in January. It is currently the end of March and now officially spring here in the states. The seasons are beginning to change which paints a beautiful picture for today’s topic of transition.

If there’s anything we know to be truly messy and slightly scary it’s the thought of transition. But trust us when we tell you that it isn’t all bad and actually, it’s a necessity.

Katie starts the episode off by sharing a few transitions she’s currently navigating like meeting her significant other and moving in with said SO during the holiday season. She also offers us a glimpse into her sobriety journey with why she’s chosen to remain sober for well over one year at this point. In her sharing how she came to make this decision, Katie reminds us that we always have a choice in the matter we’re facing and sometimes that choice comes down to how we want to show up for ourselves.

Christine gives us an update now that she’s crossed the one year mark as a creative entrepreneur. Spoiler alert: she’s been facing major transition, too, and it’s scary shit.

S2 E1: You Have a Choice with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

“I think nervousness and worry is normal and also necessary because it reminds us we aren’t done evolving.”

We break down the difference between transition and evolution and how evolution resembles that of a wave with our responsibility being to embrace the flow rather than resist the current.

And here’s the truth about transition: it can be very easy to lose ourselves somewhere along the way, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Clarity with your values and with how you want to feel can guide you as you navigate the unknown that transition so often brings with it.

The other truth? Everyone doesn’t have to agree with the choices you make or even understand them. You’ve got to learn to trust yourself without the input from others because it’s your life at the end of the day.

Christine and Katie unpack layers with their respective transitions and how they’ve both wished for other people to do the Work for them at various points. Sound familiar?

Katie also shares a lesson she’s learned through it all and that is that she is powerful beyond measure. In the event you need the reminder, you too are powerful beyond measure. While transition is no easy feat for any of us, you can take comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone no matter where you are.

Give this episode a listen if you’re embarking on a brand new adventure, if you’re finding yourself stuck in a loop of sameness, or anywhere in between. Find us on Instagram @thehumanhourpodcast so we can walk this journey with you.


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