Season 2 Episode 2: Growing Pains Minisode

S2 E2: Growing Pains Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

It is no secret that transition was an underlying theme for both Katie and Christine during Season One so we’re bringing you something new for Season Two. Introducing Minisodes where we speak to growing pains by sharing what it is we’re growing through and how exactly we’re navigating growth within our relationships, our businesses, and ourselves.

We refer to growing pains as those times and points throughout our lives when change and transition are present so we begin to feel uncomfortable because we’ve seen or realized something new that has stretched our perspectives.

Christine opens up about the act of being vulnerable and how hard it can be when she offers insight into one of the bigger pieces of the puzzle she’s been growing through for the past year. Can you also relate to feeling tension in your parent and adult child relationship?

Katie reminds us that she is an independent woman (cue Destiny’s Child), but also that she can’t do it all alone. Let this minisode serve as a reminder that you do not have to do it all alone.

S2 E2: Growing Pains Minisode with Christine Barnes + Katie Kurtz

“When you say ‘Yes’ to the heart work,

you’re also saying ‘Yes’ to stretching

yourself beyond what you want in order to embrace the possibilities that come with

living fully alive.”

The takeaway here is to lean into the discomfort of facing our flaws and those qualities that aren’t yet our strong suits because that is where the growth begins. And growth is by no means easy but we promise you are never alone.

Listen in to this Minisode and let us know where you stand with growth and growing pains in your life. Find us @thehumanhourpodcast over on Instagram and don’t be afraid to reach out.


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