Episode 6: Embracing Your Imperfections with Pippa Parfait

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Pippa Parfait is an internationally certified Personal Leadership Coach for extraordinary women who want to belong to themselves.  Kinesiologist, writer and trainer, on a mission to inspire and support women around the world, using her heart-centred but powerful coaching style, to find another way to live their lives, by reconnecting with their soul values and desires, and using them as their action-taking sat nav.

She has a background in senior management, is a qualified teacher and trainer, as well as having a real passion for Kinesiology and listening to your body. Where possible she blends all these aspects into her working with clients. Pippa works with bloody brilliant women who know there's got to be more to life. She works with the control freaks, the perfectionists, the strivers, the "give myself a hard time-ers" and the secret not good enough-ers who are finally screaming 'enough now'. They know there has got to be another way and they're committed to showing up for themselves to find it.

Pippa is what you might call an outgoing introvert who has a penchant for purposeful action and believes in making friends with fear and in the power of vulnerability, authenticity and courage.

When she isn't working you will find her somewhere in the countryside, by the ocean or curled up in front of the log burner reading a book (or watching Netflix) with a ginger cat or two.


We are going to give you a minute to go grab your favorite bevy so you can settle in and listen to this episode with one of our dearest friends, Pippa Parfait. Because you seriously don't want to miss a single beat- that's how good this one is! 

We chat with Pippa about how sometimes the way we keep it real and human is owning when we aren't being real and human.  She calls out her own imperfections in the process of being authentic and vulnerable. If you don't find yourself saying "me too!" at least 15 times during this episode, you clearly need to hit replay! 

Pippa strips the surface level BS when it comes to turning a soul-full side hustle into a full time gig.  She shares her personal journey of awakening and how she came to her decision to choose herself over keeping up with the hustle.  This isn't your typical, glossy story of entrepreneurship-this is the real deal, gloves off, how it is.  If you are a creative, side hustler or budding entrepreneur, lean in, you need to hear this. 


"When do I get to be me? I'm 45 years of age, I don't have the energy or give a crap to pretend to be someone I am not." 

We ponder the question: what would life be like if we celebrated our failures?  

Pippa serves up a hot plate of truth as she talks about her own traumas and dramas and why she is grateful for it all.   We shed light on what self care really looks like and call BS on the instagram worthy depiction of wellness by celebrating what being true to you actually can look like.  

Don't miss us gushing over Shonda Rhimes and learning the magic behind Pippa's last name.  Tune into this episode to hear more from Pippa Parfait and be sure to check out how she is creating space to embrace the entirety of who you are and all the goodness she is cooking up in this season of her life. 


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