Episode 3: Meet Christine Barnes

We meet the second half of The Human Hour who's bringing the truth bombs and sense of adventure.
Meet Christine Barnes.

S1 E3: Meet Christine Barnes

Equal parts Adventurer, Writer, and Life Coach, Christine has a penchant for sharing her real {read: human} journey while encouraging people to reclaim their ownership and reignite their courage so they can live out the adventure of a lifetime within their own lives.


Christine is a courage cultivator. She holds an incredible gift to ignite courage within herself that in turn shines out and casts a light to inspire others to be courageous too. That's a hell of a super power!

We of course start this episode with Christine sharing two fun facts which gives us a glimpse into what she is courageously working on as well as keeping it real and sharing her love for Bravo TV (any me too's??). She reminds us to give ourselves permission to not take ourselves so seriously all the time and to remember to play and have fun along the way.

Christine lays down some major truth bombs by sharing how she has navigated the realities of creative entrepreneurship as well as rocking some vulnerability in telling us just how crucial connection is if we want to give life to our dreams.

S1 E3: Meet Christine Barnes

“Walking in with an open heart
and open mind... there is real magic
that can happen when you show up
without your guard and embrace
whatever may come of it.”

Christine's keen sense of adventure reminds us that we can actively choose to look at our lives through a lens of creativity. The type of creativity that is held deep within us to craft a life in which we can bravely step forward as the leader of our own life.

We also chat about how connection can be found in many places and how important it is to build a support system that truly gets you AND celebrates you along the way.

Christine keeps it real human in this episode and you can look forward to her sharing more of her story and truth telling in episodes to come.


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