Episode 1: Welcome to The Human Hour

It’s been in the works for months and we’ve been busy behind the screens a few hundred miles away from one another, but it’s here! Welcome to The Human Hour with Christine Barnes and Katie Kurtz!

S1 E1: Welcome to The Human Hour

We are so excited to be sharing these conversations that we’ve been having for some time now with each other with you. We wanted to share how the two of us met, how the idea for a podcast became a reality, and what you can expect from the first season of The Human Hour.

A simple, “Me too.” sparked our friendship and eventually led to the creation of this very podcast because we knew we couldn’t be the only two people having these conversations. We were both desperately seeking authenticity within the reality that is holding down a full time career while building a business on the side.

Vulnerability has been a big part of our conversations from the start and we aren’t afraid to dig deeper with each other and our incredible guests to get to the heart of the matter. We have career commitments, soulful businesses, relationships, passions, and hobbies and we’re going to talk about all of it.

You can look forward to the two of us sharing more of our stories and experiences, honest conversations with women who are doing their own heart work and can teach us all a thing or two, and lots of connection and celebration.

We encourage you to come exactly as you are, wherever you are and know that we are committed to showing up and sharing these conversations with you with our courage in tow.


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