What if there was a way to instantly feel more alive and more connected?

#myhumanmoment | The Human Hour Podcast

So much of what we speak to on the Human Hour is that life is inevitably messy and we know firsthand because we’re right there in the thick of it.

We believe in the power that comes with owning and sharing our stories and that doing so can happen only after we own our humanness. And our humanness includes our imperfections, faults, cracks, and darkness. We are one beautiful hodgepodge of our experiences and lessons, as well as our learned wisdom and beliefs.

The reasoning for our #myhumanmoment campaign is simple:

  1. To serve as a reminder that we are never alone because we’re all in this together no matter where you are in your journey.

  2. And to learn to embrace our humanness so we can then begin to celebrate ourselves and authentically connect with one another.

So go ahead and grab the image above so you can share your #myhumanmoment. Don’t forget to tag us @thehumanhourpodcast!