It was a warm November evening in San Francisco in 2016 and Katie had just ordered a drink after attending the Beautiful You Inspiration Day.  She walked over to a group of coaches she had just met and slid into a conversation. As Katie went to introduce herself, a question popped up for each of the woman to answer: do you coach full time or still have another job? This question was one Katie was all too familiar with, however, this time she was more hesitant to share the answer. After Katie talked about where she was in her biz evolution, the gal next to her reached out her beer glass and said, “Cheers, me too!” Katie laughed, clinked her glass, and felt a surge of relief.


The woman on the other end of that cheers was Christine Barnes. They connected instantly and reaffirmed that neither were alone in their journey of becoming creative soulpreneuers—and it all started with a “me too.” They both knew they had to pave their own paths, but they realized it would be a hell of a lot more fun to travel alongside one another!

Christine and Katie began to connect from New Jersey to Ohio venting about day jobs, sharing the big dreams we were mustering up the courage to chase and celebrating it all. One day this past summer on a Skype call, Katie told Christine about this reoccurring dream she had about them having a podcast. It was about them taking the real talk conversations they have all the time, almost like what we would do over happy hour if they lived in the same city, except maybe it’s more like a {human hour} She said, "we can’t be the only ones talking about this stuff could we??"

And from there on out it just clicked. Christine and Katie took their friendship and solidarity in being real and turned it into a platform for us all-especially YOU- to lean in and embrace your humanness. Christine and Katie are SO excited to share the Human Hour Podcast with you all!



Meet Your Co-Hosts

The Human Hour Podcast

Christine Barnes

Equal parts Explorer, Writer, and Life Coach, Christine has a penchant for sharing her real {read: human} journey while encouraging people to reclaim their ownership and reignite their courage so they can live out the adventure of a lifetime within their own lives. 

The Human Hour Podcast


Katie is an Internationally Certified Life Coach, yoga teacher and speaker who guides women to connect with their authentic selves + courageously live life on their own terms. She is the founder of Soul Connect, a coaching + connection movement that is redefining how women connect to themselves and each other. Through her coaching, in person gatherings, yoga experiences + events, Katie's authentic spirit and gift as a connector allows her to create a unique space for women to be themselves, embrace their humanness, and reclaim what's real.